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How to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Welcoming

How to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Welcoming

As an interior designer, I work on a variety of bathroom remodeling projects in St. Louis, my hometown. One of the biggest concerns that people want to address when remodeling their bathroom is how they can make it feel more welcoming and appealing, as opposed to cold and unfriendly. The bathroom has a natural tendency to be quite stark, but there are plenty of things you can do with a remodel to change it up. Here are some of my best tips for an inviting bathroom.

Add more light.

The more light there is in a room, the more inviting it is going to feel, no matter what the decor is. Focus on adding light to the room in as many different ways as possible. It helps to have natural light, so install a high window or a skylight if you can. You can also add both recessed overhead lighting and mirror lights to make the space really bright. Think about the tone of your lights too – a warm glow is going to feel better than cold blue light. You can always add a sconce or shade if you don’t like the tone your bulbs give off.

Use color.

Even if you don’t tend to go for brights, using at least a little bit of color is very important for making your bathroom feel more welcoming. If you don’t want the color to feel in your face, go for light pastels or muted tones, or use color in small doses. A bit of color, whether it be in your tiling, walls, or even just your wall art can make a huge difference in the overall feel of your bathroom.

Mix modern and traditional.

A mix of modern and traditional textures and styles is the easiest way to make your bathroom more appealing without too much effort. This is because the dimension and texture created by these two things has a natural appeal to most people. If your bathroom consists mostly of modern lines, add in a traditional farmhouse sink or a curved shelving unit to break them up. If you tend to go for traditional design, add in some fun modern textures like marble or copper to jazz it up and add some life to the design.

When putting together your bathroom, focus on the details, and don’t be afraid to express your personal style. This is one of the best ways to make your bathroom feel more appealing to all your guests.


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