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Unique Materials For Your Bathroom Remodel

Unique Materials For Your Bathroom Remodel

As an interior designer, I frequently work on bathroom remodeling here in St. Louis. A big part of transforming your bathroom is using new materials for the floor, walls, and fixtures to give the space some new life. There are tons of different materials that you could use, and the choices you make can really reflect your personal style and taste. Here are some of my favorite materials to incorporate into any bathroom.


Bamboo is a great eco-friendly alternative to wood that feels very light and gives any bathroom a spa-like feeling. In particular, it looks great when used for shelves and cabinets, which can sometimes look a bit heavy and make the bathroom feel darker. The light, fresh color of bamboo is perfect for giving your bathroom an airy feel. It’s also very environmentally friendly, which is a bonus for any eco-conscious consumer.


The marble trend has been in full force for the past several years, and it shows no signs of going away anytime soon. Marble looks elegant and classy while still feeling very modern, and it pairs well with many different kinds of metals. In particular, it looks great when used for your bathroom sink and countertop. If you can’t afford real marble, there are a variety of cheaper alternatives that you can use to get the same look.

Subway Tile

This has been a huge trend over the past year or so for the entire home, and it looks particularly good in the bathroom. It has a bright, clean feeling that’s also a bit industrial and utilitarian, and makes a great backdrop for virtually anything else you want to put in your bathroom. It also has just enough personality to liven up an otherwise boring space, particularly when used in creative locations.


This has become one of my favorite metals to use over the past several months as it’s come into style. It has a feeling that’s elegant and slightly luxe without being over-the-top, and it pairs well with a variety of different bathroom styles, from traditional to rustic to modern. Brass fixtures are a departure from the traditional silver that’s often used for sinks, showerheads, and door handles, so it really sets your bathroom apart in terms of style and function.

Raw Ceramics

Instead of the perfectly polished white finishes of the past, I enjoy adding raw ceramic accents to the bathroom for a look that’s very fresh and modern. Although raw ceramics are impractical in large quantities, they are perfect for small pieces, such as storage or even a decorative vase. The roughness of raw ceramics feels stylish without being too pretentious or overbearing, which is why I love working it into the bathroom.


Although you may not think of concrete when you think of home remodeling, it’s actually the perfect way to give your space a modern feel. Quality design is hard to find, like a bathroom renovation by McDermott. Concrete can be used to create clean lines and finishes that are very subtle and pair well with small pops of color or brighter metal fixtures. You can use it to create a highly durable countertop, or you could even use it as floor material. If you are going for a curbless shower, concrete is a great material because it can be molded to fit your needs perfectly.

There are so many great materials you can choose from when putting together your bathroom. Combining different textures and colors gives your bathroom some character and style. When installing new materials in your bathroom, be sure to work with an interior designer to create a space that you truly love.

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